1965 plymouth belvedere II

Why not a budget-priced 1965 Plymouth Belvedere 4-door for your classic car collection?

While arguably not the best looking new car of 1965, these old Plymouths were well-designed and well-build cars with plenty of performance.

This Belvedere comes with a V8 engine and power steering. Plus the body doesn’t look to have much damage or rust. The bumpers look a little tarnished though. But, for a starting price of $500 and no reserve, this old guy could turn out to be a heckuva bargain for the right person!

In addition to the low price, this Belvedere was a quality-built car, meaning that it shouldn’t be difficult to make it a reliable hobby cruiser that won’t cost an arm and a leg to keep running. Plus, parts for this old Plymouth are about as inexpensive as they get.

All tune-up parts, water pump, u-joints, alternator, brakes and brake drums and other wear parts are easy to come by.  Since this is a simple car at heart, fixing it is usually pretty simple as well.

The old Torqueflite transmission is a long-lasting transmission – arguably the best in the business. I’ve had many an old MOPAR, and I’ve never had transmission problems!

Don’t automatically turn your nose up at a 4-door. I know that prices for hard tops and convertibles are out of reach for a lot of up. And for those who just want to tinker on an old machine and drive it when they feel like it – these old 4-doord are available and are plentiful!

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1965 Plymouth Belvedere-brochure