I traveled to the 2017 Poudre Valley Region AACA Swap Meet at The Ranch in Loveland, CO on Sept 16, 2017.

I’ve been attending this great swap meet for well over 20 years and this year was the coldest on record for me! The temperature hung around 50 degrees with a light mist and/or outright rain. Needless to say it was cold as I only came with a heavy sweatshirt, which was better than nothing.

I came from Colorado Springs for the swap meet with my good friends, Steve and Rich. Unfortunately, none of us was totally prepared so after a few moments waiting for the weather to clear (which it never did while we were there) we all hoofed it to Walmart to pick up cheap jackets.

After the clothing run, we were good for an extended tour of all the great stuff.

Given the weather, the swap meet was fairly well-attended although there were many unoccupied spaces within.

But, as usual, we had a great time but I didn’t find anything I needed or wanted – which sometimes happens.

After the swap meet we drove down to our favorite eating establishment, the Butcher Block cafe in Denver and had our usual great lunch (I had the special, chicken fried steak with homemade chicken soup, plus we split a cinnamon roll – yum!).

All in all we had a great time. You pays your money and you takes your chances with every swap meet you attend. We usually have great luck weather-wise, but this year the odds caught up with us.