1959 Ford Thunderbird

Probably one of the most attractive Thunderbirds of all time (IMHO), the 1959 Thunderbird “Squarebird” is all grace and class. Low slung and rakish by design, the ’59 T-bird is a thing of beauty that can perform like a modern…
1963 Mercury Comet 2 Door Hardtop

  Here’s a great little collectible that is reliable, fun to drive and gets great gas mileage with that thrifty Mercury “6.” The size and styling are right on with these little Mercurys, and the hardtop version is just icing…
1952 Ford F-1 Pickup 1/2 Ton

This 1952 Ford F-1 1/2 ton pickup reminds me so much of the Fred Sanford pickup in the TV show “Sanford and Son.” An iconic design, these old Fords are well-designed and well-built and they make excellent collector/drivers.

Click Here For Prices In my book, the front end of ANY 1959 Dodge car is one of the sexiest & most beautiful of any 1950’s car. It’s aggressive, balanced even sinister in a way. You REALLY know what make…
1957 Chevrolet Truck 1500

[wordbay]1957 chevrolet truck[/wordbay] Special credits for the great photo – initialdave
1957 Chevrolet Bel Air/150/210 Chevy Wagon

The eternal classic – the 1957 Chevrolet station wagon. Beauty and practicality with mechanicals that are durable and reliable. Could this be the perfect driver/classic? [wordbay]1957 chevrolet[/wordbay]
1965 Ford Fairlane XL500

A great mid-size hot rod from Ford! These old Fairlanes are the right size and many came with a 289 V8 for great performance while still getting decent gas mileage. [wordbay]1965 ford fairlane[/wordbay]