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1959 Dodge Custom Royal

Click HERE to see this 1959 Dodge Custom Royal! Ok – here’s another of my all-time favorite 1950’s front ends – the 1959 Dodge Custom Royal. I don’t care if the car in question is a 2-door hardtop, 4-door, station…
1959 International Harvester B162

Here’s a beautiful, hard-working 1959 International Harvester B162 dump truck from a farm in Valparaiso, Nebraska! The B-line International trucks, introduced in 1959,  were a continuation of the successful  A-series, introduced in 1957. With  Gross Vehicle Weight ratings ranging from…

Click Here For Prices In my book, the front end of ANY 1959 Dodge car is one of the sexiest & most beautiful of any 1950’s car. It’s aggressive, balanced even sinister in a way. You REALLY know what make…
1957 Chevrolet Truck 1500

[wordbay]1957 chevrolet truck[/wordbay] Special credits for the great photo – initialdave
1948 Dodge 5 Window 1 Ton Truck B Series 126WB

Stout, sturdy & great looking 1948 Dodge Pilot House Series “B” pickup truck. Arguably better designed than the trucks from Ford & Chevrolet, these old trucks are extremely long lasting and make great driver/collectibles. Click Here For Prices [wordbay]1948 dodge[/wordbay]